Last week, Tony Romo said 8-8 is average. He said he's not an average quarterback. Romo's new $108 million deal would indicate he's paid like an elite quarterback. Romo isn't an average quarterback, yet the last two seasons, Romo has finished 16-16. When you compare him to other quarterbacks in the NFL, Romo has thrown for 9,087 yards the last two seasons, fourth most in the NFL. Drew Brees leads NFL quarterbacks with 10,653 yards over the same time span. Romo's 59 touchdowns are the sixth-most in the league while Brees has thrown 89, tops in the league, and Aaron Rodgers has thrown 84 to come up second. When you get to interceptions, Romo was picked off 29 times the last two seasons, tied for the ninth-most in the NFL with Cam Newton and Andy Dalton. Romo's 95.8 passer rating is the seventh-best in the league. Rodgers has a 114.9 to lead the league. We give you these numbers to say Romo is near equal footing with his peers in terms of touchdowns, yards, etc. When it comes to wins and losses, Romo isn't there. He doesn't have the playoff success of Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Brees and now Joe Flacco. Yet, Romo should be considered more than an average quarterback.