Is Wes Welker still Wes Welker? Well, he's certainly the same dude, a methodical worker bee who perennially defies sports logic, almost in a Steve Nash sort of way. He's blue-collar. The Broncos' receiver stomps upon notions of height and weight and draft status like his fleet feet suddenly running in place. Even still, he remains maverick, sometimes stubborn, even a little "Gronk-y." Blue-collar? Yep, that was the color of the designer shirt he wore to the Kentucky Derby, where cameras caught the mischievous millionaire passing out hundreds to his minions after winning big. OK, so yeah, he's the same dude. But Wes Welker is one year older — he turned 33 on May 1 — and he's the ninth-oldest receiver in the league. Of course, he's also one hit away from perhaps having his career ended. He suffered two concussions last season within 21 days. Injury or not, let's be honest. This likely will be Welker's last season in Denver, whether that decision is made by the 2015 free-agency market, Father Time or some headhunting linebacker. Denver already has signed his replacement — Emmanuel Sanders — and drafted a receiver for the future in Cody Latimer. So Welker was asked Wednesday, after the Broncos' organized team activities, if his mind-set is to win now, because this is possibly his last season. "That's one way to look at it, for sure," the 5-foot-9, 185-pound receiver said. "I don't really think of it that way, but at the same time, you understand — we have a great opportunity. You don't want to let it pass by without being at your best and playing at your best." On Wednesday, the hourly temperature reading at Dove Valley looked like a wide receiver depth chart. So Denver's No. 83 stood in a shaded doorway, where he admitted the reality of being 33 and having a body brutalized over the years. "There are some days where the body just doesn't feel like it did before. At the same time, you just take extra time to warm up, get ready, and get out there and do your job," he said.