Despite not having playoff hockey for the last seven years fans of the Edmonton Oilers don’t seem to mind forking over their hard earned dollars to watch their beloved team play during the regular season. According to Secondary ticket marketplace Vivid Seats the Oilers have the 7th highest ticket prices across the league heading into this new season. The report states that the average ticket price for an Oilers game is $225 the same as the 6th place Pittsburgh Penguins. The difference between the two clubs is obvious given the Pens success over the last eight years and charging a premium price to watch Sidney Crosby‘s team is understandable. The Toronto Maple Leafs top the list to no one’s surprise with a median ticket price of $320. Pretty good for a franchise that hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since 1967 and finally broke their own playoff drought last season. But it’s Toronto the centre of the hockey universe and they could likely charge double that amount and fans will pay it without blinking an eye. The Winnipeg Jets are second on the list with a price of $230 dollars. The organization made season ticket holders sign a 5-year commitment when the team returned three years and with a rink that only holds just over 15000 fans the need to increase ticket revenue to support the club was obvious. If the Jets don’t start making the playoffs we could see a second coming of how the Oilers fans are behaving; continuing to support a team that doesn’t provide anything in return (in terms of winning). The Chicago Blackhawks Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks round out the top five on the list and all those teams have been to the playoffs in the last seven years on a consistent manner. The Hawks obviously have two cups in the last four years warranting a high ticket price.