It is no secret that the Penguins have ramped up their game recently, having won nine of their last ten games, and getting some stellar goaltending from Matt Murray since his return from injury.

During these hot (and cold) streaks, it’s natural to wonder how long these trends can continue. What is driving the play for the Penguins? Is luck a factor?

With data aggregated by Sean Tierney, we can try and answer some of those questions.

In five game average samples, the Penguins possession metrics have dwindled and fallen on the wrong side of the ice. Not a great trend, but it’s not exactly a black hole at the moment, so it may be something to keep an eye on, but not anything tragic. The past month’s performance sloping down is quite telling though, what once was flirting with a top-10 team in the league and 50%+ Corsi team is now fallen to 17th.