Orioles fans are mostly positive people. Unlike a lot of other sports fans they remember the good in athletes much more than the bad. It takes a lot for an Oriole fan to turn on a player. Take Mark Reynolds. Well that’s what a lot of Orioles fans would like the team to do—take him back. As soon was Reynolds designated for assignment by the Cleveland Indians on Thursday Orioles fans made their interest in him known. Reynolds will have to clear waivers and he almost certainly will for the Orioles to show some interest. They’re not going to claim him and be on the hook for the nearly $2 million that’s left on his contract. Nor are they going to make a deal with Cleveland unless the Tribe is willing to pay some of his salary. If you haven’t been following Reynolds’ closely the Indians’ move could have been a bit of a shocker. Reynolds’ whose season stats are a .215 average with 15 home runs and 48 RBIs did almost all of his productive work by May 9. He had 11 of his home runs by then. In the three months since he had four homers and 19 RBIs while his batting average has plummeted from .291. It’s almost the inverse from last season when Reynolds hit 15 of his 23 home runs after Aug. 8. His batting average which was .212 a year ago rose only slightly to .221 by season’s end. One of the reasons the Orioles declined to offer a contract to Reynolds and Robert Andino was because they wanted to reduce their strikeouts. By jettisoning Reynolds and Andino two of the seven players with 100 strikeouts or more were gone. This year Reynolds has 123 strikeouts and only one Oriole Chris Davis has more than 100. Adam Jones Manny Machado and probably Matt Wieters will strike out more than 100 times. Four players with 100 more strikeouts in a more productive offense is far better than seven.