The times have changed and continue to change. It took Colin Kaepernick several years to win, but he did in the end. For all his missteps and prolonged silence, he started a movement that opened the door to real change -- and not just in the corners one would suspect. His story has evolved, and those who vilified him are finding him vindicated. As such, his corporate capital has more value.

This is America after all, where the true measure of a man is often reflected in dollars, cents, and handshake deals. Of course, it's not all bad because to realize Kaepernick is now a net-positive for a brand and palpable to a widespread audience is to realize just how far public sentiment has shifted.

This morning, the unemployed quarterback and Disney announced a content partnership deal. The first production will be a look at Kaepernick's last five years, produced by ESPN Films. Jemele Hill, who was ahead of the curve and punished for it, is involved. Those two have a lot in common, including speaking some plain truths that enormous, inflexible corporations didn't have the backbone to shoulder.