He has been back with the Bucs for three games, but he still doesn’t have a wood-carved nameplate over his locker. Nick Folk’s name is still over a stall. "I’m just happy to have a locker," Patrick Murray said. He has been the answer to a prayer. And this is a man who prays. A lot. Remember when the kicking game was the Bucs’ cross to bear? Three games into his second stint in Tampa Bay, the 26-year-old Murray has settled in perfectly, 3-for-3 on field goals — one from 50 yards. Murray can’t explain everything that has happened to him over the past few years, though he has tried to find answers. Oh, has he tried. He thinks about his first go with the Bucs as starting kicker, in 2014. He was humming along until a torn ACL in his nonkicking leg. He came back with the Browns last season but went down with another injury to the same knee. He was about to put his Fordham finance degree to work on Wall Street when Tampa Bay invited him to a tryout. "This is the biggest opportunity of my life, coming back to play for this team," Murray said. "How cool is it to come back to the place where you started, to get to see guys who you began your journey with?" Murray is pretty cool all by himself, chatty, inquisitive — and relentless.