The Philadelphia 76ers will change the landscape of the NBA once they find a trade partner for Ben Simmons. Several teams could push even closer to being contenders with a player like Simmons on the roster.

Despite his shortcomings when it comes to his refusal to shoot the ball, there is a lot that Simmons brings to the table that can help a team win games.

On offense, his playmaking is as good as it gets in the NBA. Given his size, he is tough to slow down as he can see right over most of the opponents that line up to defend him.

His rebounding gives a big advantage as well. Not many guys who rebound as effectively as Simmons can instantly start a fast break with his ball-handling ability. He is a terror in the open court with his combination of athleticism and size.

Defensively, Simmons may be the most versatile player in the league. He can defend anyone at any time on the court, seamlessly alternating between defending guards on the perimeter of big men on the interior. It is similar to what the Golden State Warriors get from Draymond Green, but in a bigger, more athletic body.

Plenty of teams would line up to acquire a 25-year old with the resume that Simmons has. He could help elevate a downtrodden franchise or turn a playoff team into a contender.

One team that trade could work with is the Toronto Raptors. Toronto has its own All-Star that could move in Pascal Siakam. Let’s take a look at what a swap between the teams could look like.

Toronto Raptors Receive: G/F Ben Simmons, 2023 First-Round Pick (Lottery-Protected)

Philadelphia 76ers Receive: F Pascal Siakam, TOR 2024 First-Round Pick (Swap, More Favorable to PHI), TOR 2025 First-Round Pick (Top-8 Protected)

This is a trade that would drastically change the outlook of both teams involved. The Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors have engaged in some trade talks centered around Ben Simmons, and in this scenario, they work out a deal.

The 76ers receive Pascal Siakam and some draft compensation, while Simmons and some draft compensation head back to Toronto as well. The earliest pick traded is the 76ers 2023 first-rounder, which is lottery-protected. It is hard to imagine a scenario that the 76ers don’t convey that pick as a playoff team in 2023.