THIS LEAGUE. I’m talking about the NBL of course, because the fact that top 5 recruit RJ Hampton decided to turn away all the boatloads of cash that Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and Memphis were offering him to go play for Big Cat and PFT’s New Zealand Breakers was one thing, but if these two are able to bring in LaMelo Ball…..oh my goodness.

At age 17, LaMelo Ball is already one of the most polarizing athletes in this country. Love him or hate him, people pay attention. And with LaMelo comes LaVar. The king pin of the entertainment industry. The New Zealand Breakers would immediately become more interesting than like 30 of the 32 teams in the NBA.

I heard Big Cat makes $300K per episode of PMT, but he may need to retire from podcasting and just be a full-time owner if he reels in this fish. Or at least a full-time recruiter? Bill Self makes over $4 million to bring talent to Kansas, and he doesn’t have anyone signed in the top 50 next year.