The NFL Draft is right around the corner, and that can only mean three things- mock drafts, trade rumors, and somebody overselling a quarterback.

Enter Justin Herbert, a 6’6 quarterback from Oregon, who played ball at Oregon, and now finds himself in discussion of being selected as high as the No. 3 pick in tomorrow’s NFL Draft.

Some scouts and analysts always fall in love with the measurables- height, weight, arm strength, with mobility being a bonus.  But we’ve seen this story before. Paxton Lynch, JaMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Blake Bortles, Akili Smith, EJ Manuel, Sam Bradford, Winston, Mariota, Gabbert, Weeden, and Josh Freeman for example- guys who had the height, big arms, or the body that was built to stand a pounding in the NFL.

All these guys either busted in the league, or had less than memorable careers.

Herbert in a lot of ways, fits that mold, and it’s a controversial topic that makes his draft status wholly uncertain come Thursday.  Is he a top 5 pick?  Top 10? 15? 20? 25?  If anything is a certainty, he’s a first round pick.

If Josh Allen was picked by Buffalo as a Top 10 pick, then it serves to boost Herbert’s stock. Allen however, seemed a little more polished up as a thrower than Herbert.  Forget the stats, especially in college with all the RPO offenses, look at the film.