At first glance, this seems like, and is, a win-now move from Beane. If you take away the pieces that the A's acquired away from this trade, the A's traded away three guys who don't seem to have much of a future with the team. We all love Chris Carter's prodigious power, but there are also significant contact issues, and his glove is all but truly made of iron. Yes, he did get better at 1B than he showed in his two initial cups of coffee in 2010 and 2011, but it's still well-below average. Brad Peacock can't find the strike zone, and seems to profile more as a bullpen power arm than a mid-rotation starter. Max Stassi is a young catcher whose stock has fallen, has also had injury issues, and has Derek Norris, David Freitas, and Beau Taylor ahead of him. But future-for-present not what I'm here to talk about . I want to look at who Lowrie replaces on the 25-man roster on a man-to-man basis. Let's start backwards, though, and see who we know makes the team. On the OF/DH slots, we know that the following guys are nearly 100% likely to make the roster: