When Alabama picked apart the Buckeye defense in the national championship game, it was easy to say "the Crimson Tide had an historically good offense and several Buckeye players weren't available for various reasons, including CoVID-19. The team was trying to play against one of the all-time great offenses with one hand tied behind its back."

Then when Ohio State opened the 2021 season with a two touchdown victory at Minnesota and struggled to stop the run or even make tackles behind the line of scrimmage, the thinking became, "hey Minnesota has one of the best running backs in the country, their offensive line is huge and really experienced, it's the first game of the season in a tough road environment (in conference play) and they scored a defensive touchdown. The Silver Bullets will be fine."

But after Ohio State's dismal defensive performance against Oregon, the tolerance level for missing tackles or blowing assignments is reaching a fever pitch.

"Now it's not just a single game, it's a little bit of a pattern," Ryan Day said Tuesday. "We took a long, hard look the last 48 hours at everything that's going on, and certainly going to make some adjustments here, not only of how we're attacking other offenses, but also just structurally, how we're doing our day-to-day operations."

The Buckeyes racked up more than 600 yards of total offense and it wasn't quite enough to beat the two-time defending Pac-12 champion Ducks last weekend.

So where is the panic meter right now in Columbus? How much longer can this go on before stark changes need to be made?