Darrelle Revis re-emerged in Kansas City last week from an eight-month hibernation wearing a black baseball cap with what appeared to be his own personal logo, prompting inquiring minds to wonder: Is the aging cornerback back to restore his legacy or increase his net worth? No outfit has understood the NFL's cut-throat business better than Revis, Inc., in the past decade. The former Jets great has made more than $118 million during a career that should land him in Canton one day. Revis and his handlers smartly pushed sentimentality to the sideline to maximize earning power in a world that will discard players at a moment's notice. So, it's fair to question whether Revis, who will make his Chiefs debut against the Jets on Sunday, is back to rid himself of the stench from last season or get in position for one final payday in 2018. He'll effectively play the final month of the season for free given that the Jets were already on the hook for $6 million guaranteed on his blockbuster five-year, $70 million deal. (The Chiefs will pay him $353,000, the prorated amount of the veteran's minimum salary, for the rest of the season.) Revis technically signed a two-year deal with Kansas City that includes a non-guaranteed $10 million in 2018, but he has little chance of getting that. If the 32-year-old plays reasonably well in December, there might be an opportunity for a multi-year deal from another team this offseason. The savvy business man could collect a few more million bucks. Is that his true motivation for coming back so late in the season? Revis was a train wreck on the field in 2016. He was a shell of his former All-Pro self, a disinterested, overweight mess seemingly content with crawling to the finish line. It was sad to witness given what he used to be. The dominant shutdown force that erased this generation's greatest wide receivers had been replaced by a player struggling with reality in the twilight of his career.