Evander Kane has a complicated image in the NHL. When he was with the Winnipeg Jets, Kane went through multiple controversies that cast a shadow on his personality. He has not found himself in any trouble since coming to Buffalo, but his reputation still precedes him in the league as a locker room issue. One of the biggest factors of this reputation is that Kane hasn’t performed any better than an average second liner. Last season was the second best year of his career and he had a total of 43 points in 70 games. Forty points are undoubtedly good, but if it is the second best amount you have ever produced are you worth $5.25 million per year? So far this season Kane is performing better than he ever has, despite the Sabres overall lack of offensive output. Kane has 15 points in 15 games, good for first on the team in points. However, this season has been unusually offense-heavy. Forty-eight players are at a point-per-game level so far this season, something that will most likely dissipate as the season goes on. Kane also has a knack for performing best when he is in a contract year. Back his the 2011/12 season with the Jets, Kane had the best season of his career with 30 goals and 57 points in 74 games. That was the final season in his entry-level contract, and he received a 6-year deal that paid out $5.25 million per year when that season was over. Since then, he has never topped 43 points in a season.