Seemingly every season the Utah Jazz are overlooked. They had the best record in the NBA last season, yet no one took them seriously as contenders. This season, it is more of the same.

The Jazz has the third-best record in the NBA at 23-9, trailing only the Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns. Teams such as the Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls are also garnering more headlines than the Jazz, yet they just keep going along, blowing teams out regularly.

On the season, the Jazz has a 10.3 average point differential, which is only surpassed by the 10.4 the Warriors have. They have the No. 1 overall offensive rating in the NBA and No. 6 overall defensive rating according to Basketball-Reference. Their +10.4 net rating is second in the league.

As has been the case since he was selected No. 13 overall in 2017, Donovan Mitchell has been a driving force in their success. Much like the franchise as a whole, Mitchell is overlooked when it comes to accolades as well.