Nets officials talk about it a lot, both publicly and privately. So does Deron Williams. Is his game suffering from fatigue? Did a year-long schedule of games in Turkey, the NBA and Olympics, with no significant break, cause his falloff in production? To put it more simply, Is he burnt out? "He didn't take any time off," King told ESPN's Ian O'Connor Sunday "He has tired body right now. We are going to have to manage him, give him days off." It was King's first admission that his point guard may be suffering from fatigue. A day later, Williams admitted it himself after the Spurs drubbed (kind word) the Nets. "I didn't take any time off. After last season, I never stopped working out," he said according to the Post. "After the Olympics, the day I got back I worked out the next morning. I thought it was the best thing to do, and now looking back, it probably would have been smarter to take some time off and get a little bit of rest, especially on my legs, and my ankles in general.