Rare has one contract prediction created such a stir as when one unnamed general manager suggested in a rundown of the top 30 free agents last month that Reds outfielder/leadoff man Shin-Soo Choo would get “$90 million to $100 million” via the free-agent market this winter. Commenters tweeps and readers couldn't believe it. Almost collectively they shot back “No way!” Guess what? Choo's agent Scott Boras agrees that that estimate isn't in the ballpark. But in his case he means it in another way. Boras was asked recently about the $100-million estimate (the high end of our GM's guess) and he suggested it is low way low. “As a custom of the industry prognostications by executives this time of year are dramatically divergent from the real market” Boras said in a phone interview. “I don't think anyone correctly predicted what Jayson Werth or Carl Crawford got.” If Choo does get $100 million or more it is believed he'd become the first the nine-figure player who's never made an All-Star team. Werth Zack Greinke Ryan Zimmerman Mike Hampton Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran are six rare players of 43 who've gotten $100-million-plus deals who made just one All-Star team before signing their big deals (Beltran has made seven more All-Star teams since and Teixeira one more). Teams did commit more than $100 million apiece for Daisuke Matsuzaka and Yu Darvish who were just coming to MLB though they both received only a little more than half the money. That non-All-Star note just may be a fluke since Choo is having an All-Star caliber season this year with 21 home runs 106 runs 20 stolen bases a .287 batting average .891 OPS and most notably a .424 on-base percentage which is good for second best in the National League behind teammate Joey Votto. “I think the hardest position t make the All-Star team is outfielder and it's very difficult for a leadoff hitter” Boras said. “Those spots usually go to corner power guys.”