If you've been paying attention this training camp (and I don't blame you if you haven't), I'm pretty worried about Carlos Boozer. Not just in the usual, obvious, "he stinks on defense, and he'll disappear in the playoffs" kind of worried, but that he won't even have regular-season-success on offense. Some of this feeling is simply from extrapolating a decline. Boozer will turn 31 a month into this season, and that's just not typically a time when a player will get better. And you can see it specifically in his athleticism and jumping ability. Of course, he's never been much of a leaper, but it's all relative: being worse at it will matter. And this is the second straight season he's come in lighter than usual, so while it should help compensate it may be at the expense of his strength, an asset of his. Near the end of last season I noted that Boozer was staying effective even as his game was dramatically drifting away from the basket: his FTAs were nearly halved from the previous season, his shots attempts at the rim dropped, and he compensated by taking more of his shots from farther distances. While usually not a recipe for success, he managed to not only have a very good mark from long-range but a nearly league-leading percentage from 3-9 feet.