People don’t do it as much anymore, but there is a fun, weird history of fans tracking private jets allegedly containing free agents during the hot stove season. The big free agent — let’s call him Rice Larper — lives in, say, Las Cruces, and is rumored to be negotiating with, let’s say, the Pottsdown Phanatics. Someone will get on one of those air traffic trackers, see a private plane en route from Las Cruces to Pottsdown, and frantically claim it’s Larper, deal done, on his way to be introduced by the Phanatics at a surprise press conference.

It was great fun! That sort of reporting/rumor-mongering got the imagination going and stoked excitement. It was also always 100% wrong. I can’t remember a single free agent whose signing was actually reported via this sort of tea leaf reading. Which is sad, because that would totally own if it had panned out, but it just never pans out. Reporters, teams, players or, sometimes, customers in Honeybaked Ham stores break the news of these big signings, not internet gumshoes.

I offer that because there is some similar tea leaf reading going on regarding Bryce Harperand the Phillies, a team which is reportedly interested in him and which has met with him and his agent multiple times.