As the draft gradually approaches and the Houston Texans get closer to being officially on the clock, they face many questions with the No. 1 selection. In deciding whether to draft a quarterback, the Texans have to ask themselves: Is Blake Bortles the next Ben Roethlisberger? Before you skip down to the comments to give your answer, here's mine: "Sometimes." It's an easy comparison to make. They're both 6'5". Their broad-shouldered, thick-torso frames weigh in at 232 (Bortles) and 241 pounds (Roethlisberger). They're both surprisingly elusive for their size. They're both good at picking apart defenses from the pocket—but even better at improvising. They both led their traditionally unremarkable schools from non-power conferences to one-loss, Top 10 seasons in their senior years. Yes, there are games where Bortles absolutely takes over, looking every bit the part of a franchise quarterback. There are also times when he displays worrying habits or flaws. Every once in a while, he has a truly bad game that makes you wonder if he'll be able to succeed at the NFL level.