When it comes to Justin Fields and the improvements he needs to make, Bears coach Matt Eberflus has been very consistent with his evaluation of the young quarterback.

The Bears’ review of every player during their mini-bye week didn’t change his assessment, either.

It might have only emboldened it.

“Yeah, just like we’ve been saying, and I think he’s been improving on it, it’s his footwork and the timing,” Eberflus said, “and we think he’s doing a good job with that.”

And that timing is apparently everything for the Bears.

This is where this week’s five takeaways column begins.

Setting the stage

On Oct. 6, a few days after the Bears’ disappointing loss to the Giants in New Jersey, quarterbacks coach Andrew Janocko was asked if Fields was still adjusting to a change in offensive scheme.

“A quarterback’s ever-evolving,” Janocko said. “So when you do get into a new system, yeah, there are going to be bumps and bruises along the way as you adjust, as you jump in, especially with a young player, a guy who is in his second year, really in his one-and-a-half year starting.

“So yeah, we are going to see growing pains. … But then you do see the marked improvement as well. So, yeah, there are adjustments. … Mechanically speaking, whether you’re in Year 1 or Year 12, I think you’re always evolving in that. ‘Hey, how is my stride? Am I quick to get it out? Are my feet aligned? How’s my base as I’m progressing through the down?’ You’re always looking at that stuff.”

It was all part of an interesting 10-minute conversation Janocko had with several media members. Similar to Eberflus’ messaging, Janocko wanted Fields to keep listening to his feet.