If you could name the one player who represents the largest key to the Patriots defense's success who would it be? Your answer is likely Aqib Talib the Tampa Bay castoff who rejuvenated a previously lifeless (almost nonexistent) secondary in the second half of the 2012 regular season. The Sports Hub's Mike Flynn doesn't necessarily disagree. After all the numbers via Pro Football Reference do not lie. They are staggering to say the least. Yet while Flynn felt Talib performed admirably in his time with the Patriots the cornerback's mere presence figured into the equation as well. "He was good he wasn't great it wasn't only him trading for him was a domino effect. You've got McCourty at safety where he felt comfortable Dennard came in and exceeded expectations" Flynn said. "I think the addition of him and the numbers show since he was here the defense played a lot better." That's not all though. In life before Talib the Patriots were known as a pass defense quarterbacks could push around and manipulate without so much as an ounce of resistance. But the addition of an enforcer like Talib quickly curtailed that belief.