If there's a year to trade down in the draft, it's this one. A combination of depth throughout the first two rounds, paired with a widely held belief that from picks 10-25 prospects are similar, has led to a situation where teams sitting in the teens could easily tempt a top-ten team to move down, without a huge degree of compensation. Make no mistake -- trading up is foolish for a majority of teams. Unless you're looking to land a franchise quarterback, or find the final piece to the puzzle, moving up in the draft holds little allure. Assume for a second the Carolina Panthers see an elite talent; is there anyone worth it? An offensive tackle Jordan Gross is 32-years-old, no longer the elite left tackle he was three years ago, and carries a large contract figure. This combination alone would make him prime to be cut, however it's a luxury the Carolina Panthers don't have. Make no mistake, he's a veteran who understands his role on the Panthers, and has been willing to restructure in the past. Ultimately this is the path likely traveled, and he'll remain with the organization on a more cap-friendly deal. However, there are three offensive tackles likely to go in the first 12 picks. Luke Joekel, Eric Fisher, and Lane Johnson are rated first, forth, and seventh respectively on CBS Sports' top 100 rankings. Any of these players would help solidify Carolina's offensive line, and support Cam Newton. The key to the organization is keeping Newton healthy, and building the entire organization to the goal of giving him tools. Is it worth it?