The comparison is a natural. You look at Hornets rookie forward Anthony Davis and it is almost impossible not to see some shadows of future Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett. Back in 1995, Garnett came into the league as a trailblazer, a straight-from-preps 19-year-old whose size, length and athleticism looked to have him poised to change the league altogether. Now, Davis is coming into the league, also 19, also bearing freakish athleticism and defensive instincts, not to mention a huge wingspan on a 6-10 frame. When Garnett was a rookie with the Wolves, he was dubbed, "The Kid." Davis could very well be, "The Kid II." What made it obvious that Garnett would be a unique player in the NBA, from the beginning, was his ability to combine a center's size with a small forward's game. Davis does much the same, having dominated the college ranks with his defensive prowess last year. Davis averaged 14.2 points and 10.4 rebounds at Kentucky and showed himself to be a shrewd shot blocker—not only did he average 4.7 blocks per game, he did so while averaging only 2.0 fouls. And because he has such quick feet for his size, he easily can cover pick-and-rolls and step out to guard perimeter players.