So, Colome says he was just using good social media manners, tweeting (at 4:15) this morning: "I keep getting nice messages and tags from those accounts, so I gave them a follow" And, keeping his emoji game strong, adding one with arms up as he if doesn't know what's going on. DEVELOPING: Closer Alex Colome was not traded by the Rays to the Cardinals on Tuesday night. But he appeared to be either prepping for or having some fun with the possibility. On his alexcolome37 verified Instagram account, Colome started following the Cardinals official account and three other team-related sites, as NBC Sports' Drew Silva noted. If Colome did know something, he picked an odd way to share as the teams had nothing to announce. As we tweeted late Tuesday, there was no deal in place nor was anything about to happen. The Cardinals' interest in Colome has been well known and oft reported, with talks between the teams going back at least several weeks.