Let’s get this straight, right from the top. Kyrie Irving is probably going to be traded between now and the start of the NBA season. Cleveland’s All-Star point guard has made his unhappiness known, and Cavaliers kingpin LeBron James has made his unhappiness with Irving’s unhappiness known, and the two seem headed for an acrimonious divorce. Let’s get a second thing straight. Kyrie Irving is probably not going to wind up in San Antonio, at least not now. Yes, Irving has listed the Spurs among his prime destination choices, so much so that — according to reports — he would be willing to sign a contract extension to remain in San Antonio. Yes, the Spurs have a glaring need at point guard with 35-year-old starter Tony Parker still recovering from a ruptured quadriceps tendon. If the Spurs and Irving were the only parties who needed to be satisfied with a trade to make it happen, he would have been fitted for short pants in silver and black by now. It’s more complicated than that. The Cavaliers are also contemplating a future without James, who has given signs he might depart Cleveland — again — once his contract expires next summer. If nothing else, he hasn’t given the Cavaliers’ new management commitment that he is sticking around. As such, new general manager Koby Altman seems apt to stockpile assets in view of another potential departure of The King.