The coach is angry and says this team is lackadaisical and not tough enough. The star player called the team soft for at least the third time in a month, then said he was disinterested and ticked off. If there is a moment to sound the alarm on a 13-34 basketball team, this might be it. The Cavs have regressed since winning three in a row for the first time this season, the latest evidence a 117-99 blasting at the hands of an equally bad Detroit Pistons team. While the coach and star player are sounding off, the Oklahoma City Thunder were asleep in Cleveland, awaiting their arrival for tonight's game. It could get worse before it gets better. "I take full responsibility for my lackluster play and it trickled down to everybody else. It just can't happen. It'll never happen again, I guarantee that," Kyrie Irving said after he scored 14 points, shot 4-of-10 and was thoroughly outplayed by the Pistons' Brandon Knight. "My energy wasn't there. It was there in the first quarter, then the second and third, I was disinterested. That just can't happen." Irving said the flow of the game "[ticked] me off" and clearly took him out of the proper mindset. "Different plays in the game were mind-boggling for me," Irving said. "Just specific plays on the defensive and offensive end just kind of [ticked] me off." Asked if he was upset at all with the officiating, Irving said no. Asked if his teammates angered him, Irving avoided the question. "Just [plays] throughout the game," he said. Draw your own conclusions. Cavs coach Byron Scott wasn't any happier than Irving. Speaking before Irving did, Scott said he walked into the locker room after the game and asked the players if they were content with being 13-34.