They call it "complementary football" around here like Iowa football is a concept that has to be understood more than followed. They're not haughty about it. They walk around with "Punting Is Winning" T-shirts. They celebrate the guy who drives his corn harvesting machine to the tailgate same as if it was tricked out RV, complete with TVs.

They shout to out-of-towners, "Wanna beer?" at 10 a.m. for a 3 p.m. kickoff. In other words, everybody pitches in whether it's game day or the game itself.

Iowa is famous for its defense -- and cockeyed psych jobs (the visitor's locker room is still painted pink) -- but Saturday reached a new level. 

If you were hung up on the No. 3 Hawkeyes undefeated success halfway through the season hinging on an that complementary intermingling of offense, defense and special teams, you missed a heck of a show.