In a primetime TNT matchup with the San Antonio Spurs back in February Los Angeles Clippers’ all-world point guard Chris Paul had his roughest night of the season. In 27 minutes Paul scored just 4 points on 16% shooting with only 3 assists. Predictably the Clippers were blown out and failed to make a statement in their first meeting with the perennial Western Conference juggernaut. Paul like many NBA superstars understand that unlike their teammates when they don’t show up their team can’t win. Teams can survive off nights from their role players but if their offensive star struggles it’s pretty safe to pencil that game in the ‘L’ column. This puts supreme weight on the shoulders of the many of the NBA’s premier players to bring it each and every night but which players carry the largest offensive burden? Total Burden (TB) is the percentage of all of a team’s half-court points that can be attributed to a player either via assisting on a basket or scoring himself. Half-court situations are used because during fastbreaks the opposing defense plays an overwhelmingly most important role in determining the play sequencing and outcome. Conversely in the half-court while defenses always try to make the offense work through lesser players offenses have always found a way to get the majority of their shot opportunities taken by their preferred shooters. That said below are the top 20 players in ‘total burden’ last season. Click read more to see the statistics.