With 27 games left in the regular season, I wanted to introduce a fun game to spark some friendly competition between GBB members. Something extra to get you pumped for the upcoming Grizzlies game. For those games when Tony Allen is properlly medicated. For when Jerryd Bayless decides to pad those FGA stats. For when Marc Gasol gets a haircut. For when all the excited just disappears in a cloud of Nick Young corner threes. For those times, we will now have "Grind Prophecies." Grind Prophecies is a simple prediction game. The premise are simple: 4 predictions a night, points assigned for correct answers. For each game day of the remiander of the season we will have an open thread, and while you can post your thoughts and frustrations about the team in each day's open thread, now you can also post your predictions about the game. Then after the game, I will give out points to those who made the best predictions - keeping a tally of points as the season comes to a close and crowning a glorious winner at the end!