Inspired by the recent recovery of his cousin, who was involved in a serious automobile crash, linebacker Von Miller on Tuesday guaranteed the Denver Broncos would win the Super Bowl next season. He initially posted his thoughts on Twitter, and then explained his thought process in an interview Tuesday with "The Herd With Colin Cowherd" on ESPN Radio. "You can post this where ever.. Denver broncos will win the Super Bowl 2013 #4UJEREMIAH #IGUARANTEEIT58 if you are with us Retweet," he tweeted earlier Tuesday. That tweet came after another tweet where he announced that his cousin Jeremiah had emerged from a coma. "This is why we win the Super Bowl 2013. My little cousin Jeremiah came out of a coma frm a car wreck In west Tx I [love] U," he wrote. In the interview with ESPN Radio, he went into more detail about his cousin's recovery, explaining his boast wasn't about him "being cocky" but that his cousin had motivated him to make the bold guarantee.