Some off-the-cuff reflections from Derek Fisher’s introductory press conference: I was in San Antonio and in Oklahoma City for parts of the Western Conference finals. I covered many 2011 lockout meetings in Manhattan. I am very familiar with Derek Fisher’s oratory skills from his time as president of the players union. He sounds more like the Knicks president than the Knicks president, and it’s no surprise he’s kept a relationship with Bill Clinton, a fellow native of Little Rock, Ark., who attended a Thunder-Nets game in Brooklyn. During Breakup Day in Oklahoma City, Fisher spoke for 20 minutes on eight questions. Fisher brought it Tuesday, even going hard with a “huddled-masses’’ speech about New York City being where people have flocked for years to do something “special.’’ Fisher’s speech-making skills are good for dreary lockout meetings and introductory press conferences. But this is what one Thunder insider told me during the conference finals: “The thing that worries me about Derek as a coach is it’s one thing to give speeches as a player because it’s unique,” the source said. “But the players don’t want to hear long speeches from the coach every day during the season. Players may roll their eyes. Hopefully, Phil will guide him there.’’