There comes a point in the lead-up to the trade deadline when if you weren’t one of those teams to jump in early, it becomes wiser to hang in and play as many games as possible before making your move.

The Western Conference-leading Stars sound like they intend to be one of those teams. Starting Monday night, they’ve got 11 games left to play before the March 3 deadline. So much can change.

“We’re going to wait, just trying to get a feel for the market,” Stars GM Jim Nill told The Athletic on Monday. “There’s still a ways to go. We still have two-to-three weeks before the deadline. Hopefully you don’t get injuries, but if you do get injuries, it’s going to change your direction.

“So really, you have to kind of wait.”

In the meantime, Nill went down to watch his AHL team in Austin with the trade deadline in mind.

“We’ve got a good team down there and some good, young players knocking on the door, so want to get a good feel for our depth, who can fill in for positions internally,” Nill said. “Is there something there internally where we don’t need to go get something outside?”

For example, on defense, do you go out and add a depth piece or instead trust that 21-year-old Thomas Harley, a first-round pick in 2019, is actually a better option? You don’t want to block a young player if he’s ready.