This 2020 Major League Baseball season, should it actually launch, will feature fewer games, less travel and quite possibly zero fans.

More Yankees-Rays games, tho (as the kids spell it). Or at least a higher percentage of them.

That would be good for baseball and, at best from a Bronx perspective, challenging for the Yankees. Probably, it would represent the Yankees’ most significant challenge to a repeat of their AL East title.

The small-market, stadium-challenged, little engines that could from Tampa/St. Pete have returned from their mid-2010s slumber to make life miserable once more for their wine-caving AL East neighbors in New York and Boston. Much like their previous run, they appear equipped to stick around for a while.

“It’s in our DNA to be the David to take on the Goliaths,” Rays president Matt Silverman said in a telephone interview, “I’m not sure how well David would have fared taking on two Goliaths, but that’s our lot in life, and we have embraced that challenge. It makes it even more rewarding when we’ve reached the playoffs.”

They reached the playoffs last year, leveraging a $64 million payroll to finish 96-66 (12 games ahead of the Red Sox) and grab the second AL wild-card spot.