In the third quarter of a regular-season game against the Houston Rockets last February, LeBron James broke away for a two-handed reverse windmill dunk off a steal and pass from Avery Bradley.

Keen-eyed Lakers fans quickly realized the dunk was nearly identical to a 2001 slam on the very same Staples Center basket from Kobe Bryant, who had tragically died in a helicopter accident less than two weeks before. A side-by-side video of the two dunks quickly went viral, and James later admitted it was an intentional homage, a way of paying his respects to an NBA icon.

It isn't hard to find this clip online. Searching "lebron kobe tribute dunk 2020" on YouTube will pull up over a dozen uploads of the play, which you can watch for free as many times as you want.

Jack Settleman, the 24-year-old creator of a popular Snapchat feed called "Snapback Sports," paid $47,500 for a copy of James' dunk on NBA Top Shot in January.