Orioles left-hander Brian Matusz said he is preparing himself mentally to start Wednesday's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, but he won't know for sure until he gets through the night with a swollen and bruised nose. "In talking with the doctor, he said there could be some swelling throughout the night," Matusz said. "We want to … see how it goes, see how the nose reacts tonight. But right now it feels pretty good, but we'll wait until tomorrow to see how it feels." The Orioles are considering pushing Matusz's start back, perhaps as far as Friday, but a final determination will not come until he is re-evaluated Wednesday. Matusz was bunting in the indoor cage Tuesday afternoon in preparation for the upcoming interleague series -- on the road, so pitchers will hit -- when he bunted a ball that struck his nose.X-Raystaken later showed no break, but there was considerable swelling. Matusz said he would attempt to sleep with his head slightly elevated Tuesday night, in hopes that the swelling may continue to subside.