First, Brett Lawrie did some throwing today, after which the team was to decide whether to put him on the DL or not. After throwing Brett said this: Barry Davis @SNBarryDavis More Lawrie: "it feels like it's getting a lot better. From where it was to now, I can move and stuff without it barking at me." #bluejays 8 Aug 12 It sounds good but then I think Brett say anything to stay off the DL. We shall see. An MRI showed 'inflammation in the oblique'. On Jose Bautista's injury, they did an MRI yesterday that was inconclusive. Apparently there was some movement during it, so they will redo it today. Shi Davidi @ShiDavidi Bautista injury on forearm past wrist, says Farrell: "There's a sheath that holds a tendon in place that when he swung rolled over the bone" That sounds really painful.