Vince Wilfork is tough to move when he’s on the field. It’s no surprise he’s hard to move when he’s laid low by injury. The Patriots defensive lineman hasn’t gone anywhere even though he’s lost for the rest of this year with the Achilles injury he suffered in Atlanta. Asked this week whether Wilfork and fellow veteran Tommy Kelly have had impacts on the young Patriots trying to step into the vacancies they left, defensive line coach Patrick Graham gushed. “Oh yeah, they’re always a part of things,” said Graham. “Vince has been instrumental for me as a coach and in my life, allowing me to say, ‘OK Vince, how can I best get this point across.’ He’s not only a great player, if he ever decides to coach, he’s gonna be a great teacher. It’s just wonderful to have him as an asset -- on the field, off the field -- just to talk to him about stuff. That’s the guy everybody in the room wants to be like.” Kelly, who came over from the Raiders and brought a magnetic personality with him that makes him an easy guy to be around, has been in the mix as well, said Graham.