Washington Redskins linebacker Mason Foster, who played several weeks with a torn labrum in his shoulder and was placed on injured reserve Friday, expressed displeasure with the team's front office in a series of tweets early Saturday morning. Foster said these were the best coaches and teammates he's ever had, but then used an emoji to cast doubt on everyone else. He also tweeted, "Lay everything on the line for someone.......just to have that same person slap you in the face #IssaShame." He tweeted a short time later that, "All I know is Scot wouldn't have done me like that....just keep it real from the start." That, likely, was in reference to Scot McCloughan, fired as the team's general manager in March. Foster later retweeted someone who said "McCloughan a real 1!" It's uncertain exactly what happened that prompted Foster to vent on Twitter, though he did reply to one person "...why would I have played 3 weeks with a completely torn labrum." And when asked if it was the front office, coaches or trainers, he replied that the coaches, doctors and trainers were amazing. He also retweeted one person who told him that "Whatever wrong FO has done to you I hope they immediately fix. Yes, it's a business, but loyalty and respect are part of any successful one." Foster told one follower he wanted to let people know how they "doing the young Africans in the NFL" but then told another that "color don't mean nothing to me" but that he wanted to let the people who "ride with you get the real right away.....No BS." Doug Williams was elevated to senior vice president of personnel, but team president Bruce Allen is the one who holds the power in the organization and oversees the front office. However, Foster did not specifically name anyone.