The Indians kept their streak of avoiding salary arbitration intact Friday, while topping $60 million in payroll by signing All-Star shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera to a one-year contract worth $4.55 million. General Manager Chris Antonetti has 14 players under contract for an estimated $63 million. The Indians have not had a player go to arbitration since 1991. Cabrera, 26, was scheduled to go to his hearing Wednesday in St. Petersburg, Fla. He would have been the first Indians player to go to arbitration since Greg Swindell and Jerry Browne, but the sides settled for just above the midpoint of their two salary figures. The midpoint between Cabrera's salary request of $5.2 million and the Indians offer of $3.75 million was $4.475 million. "We're very pleased we could get a settlement done with Asdrubal and avoid the arbitration process," Antonetti said. In the past, the Indians have signed arbitration-eligible players to one-year deals and continued to negotiate multiyear deals during spring training and the early part of the regular season. Such could be the case with Cabrera and the Indians. "We're open-minded to multiyear deals with a wide variety of players," Antonetti said. "But there has to be interest on both sides and we have to align on value and term."