Manager Terry Francona was perplexed about Joe Maddon's suggestion that the Indians intentionally threw at Evan Longoria in the seventh inning Saturday night at Tropicana Field. Maddon, Tampa Bay's manager, said he knew the order didn't come from Francona, but felt strongly that it came from an Indians player, specifically someone in the bullpen. "Joe got a little ahead of me on that one," said Francona before Sunday's series finale against the Rays. "He lost me on that one. I'm not sure how to answer it because he got a little ahead of me. "I have my hands full managing our team. I think a lot of Joe. I respect him a lot, but I can't manage two teams. One is hard enough for me." There was speculation that Cody Allen hit Longoria in response to Rays' center fielder Desmond Jennings running over catcher Lou Marson in the third inning on a play at the plate. Plate umpire Dale Scott something was amiss because he issued warnings to the teams. "That's just not what we're trying to do," said Allen. "We were trying to beat him inside and it got away from me. "We didn't want Longoria to get extended. We were throwing him inside. I yanked a breaking ball." Joe Smith, another reliever, said, "I don't care what Maddon said. We weren't throwing at him. We went hard in and he got hit. It happens. "It's Maddon's opinion. We're pitching him in. We're not trying to hurt anybody."