Even for those who live in the rarefied environment of major-league baseball, life sometimes intrudes in troublesome ways. Just ask outfielder Shin-Soo Choo, who couldn't get out of his own way in 2011. There was the Jonathan Sanchez pitch in San Francisco that fractured Choo's thumb and kept him out of the lineup from June 25 through Aug. 10. Then there was the left oblique strain on Aug. 27 that put him on the disabled list until mid-September. Even then, Choo's injury problems weren't over. In his first at-bat against the Texas Rangers the night of his return, Sept. 15, he ran out a ground ball and re-injured the oblique to end his season. And those were only the physical maladies. Maybe worse was the beating Choo's psyche took when he was pulled over by a cop one night in Sheffield Lake and ended up with a DUI on his record.