The Cleveland Indians will try to bring back Carlos Santana, who has enhanced his free agency by hitting .309 with a 1.015 OPS since the All-Star break. It’s “just a matter of finances,” says someone close to the situation. Santana is believed to like the idea of a return, if at all possible, too, though there have been no offers this year, according to people familiar with their talks. Of course, why would the Indians want to change a thing? They are on an all-time winning streak (21 in a row entering play Thursday), and are favored to return to the World Series at this point. Santana has been a terrifically productive player over his career, but the Indians are probably playing the market, which has been rough over the last year-plus for corner hitters, especially first basemen. Santana’s reps are expected to make the case he is the top first baseman on the market in terms of performance, even above AL Central-mate Eric Hosmer of the Kansas City Royals, though the four-year age difference (27 to 31) means Hosmer will get a significantly longer and higher deal. Many teams will seek a first baseman, but even beyond Hosmer — generally conceded to be the top guy on the market due to his youth — there are several free agents at that position, including Logan Morrison, Lucas Duda, Yonder Alonso, Mark Reynolds, Mitch Moreland and Mike Napoli. Santana has been a valued member of the Indians, who appreciate his versatility and switch-handedness (they have platooned more than most). They also see improvement defensively, and he could even be a Gold Glove candidate since he ranks very high in the saber categories, which represent 25 percent of the picture. Santana also showed how unselfish he is in the World Series, playing the outfield for the first time, while also providing big hits as the Indians nearly beat the Chicago Cubs in the thrilling seven-game affair.