Some people are quick to accept their fate. Others resist it, insisting on making their own. The NBA isn’t so different.

The former group looks at the latter group as fools, while the latter looks at the former as a coward. Realistically, the best you can do is try to find a balance: accept your fate when it’s inevitable, but make your own wherever possible. 

Historically, the Indiana Pacers have refused to accept theirs. This team has had ample opportunities in its history to “bottom out” for draft odds, and they’ve consistently declined them. The Pacers would prefer to make their own fate. 

In a different way, the Brooklyn Nets have been the same. It’s uncommon for a franchise to trade a historic haul of draft capital to bring over a star player or two, but that’s something the Nets have done twice in their recent history. This organization is consistently intent on ensuring they have some of the league’s best players on their roster by any means necessary. 

As it stands, they do. At the same time, there are plenty of questions to be asked about Ben Simmons’ fit alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Could the Pacers acquire him in another bid to avoid the league’s bottom? 


Brooklyn Nets Receive: C Myles Turner, G/F Buddy Hield 

Indiana Pacers Receive: G/F Ben Simmons