An article was published yesterday by's Kevin Arnovitz that -- wait for it -- gave some credit to the Pacers. I know, someone from ESPN giving credit to a team from Indiana that doesn't involve a Tebow or a Te'o, crazy huh? Anyway, the article discusses the conundrum that is this Pacer starting lineup. You see the names Hill-Stephenson-George-West-Hibbert, and you don't think anything special. Maybe a team that can win enough games to get a middle-of-the-pack seed, and maybe they'll even make a push into the second round. Other than that, it's nothing special. However, if you've been watching the games, you know that's absolutely not the case. I like to call this lineup the underdog lineup. I mean, seriously, since when is a starting five that includes Lance Stephenson going to be good enough to lift a team to second place in the Eastern Conference? However, we've seen something like this before. Maybe not in basketball, but sports in general. A coach, dealing with an injury to an important player, is left scrambling to find a lineup that is sufficient and can hold down the fort until that important player returns. Every once in a while, that coach will strike gold. For some reason, this ragtag lineup of bench guys (Stephenson), young stars (George) and aged veterans looking for a ring before they ride off into the sunset (West), has been, well, kicking ass and taking names.