As usual with the Islanders, it couldn’t just be about the personnel move, in this case the decision to trade up in the draft on Friday to select risk/reward fledgling center Josh Ho-Sang 28th overall. No, it couldn’t be just about that. Instead, as is commonplace with this shipwreck franchise that often seems to be run as a vanity project by and for both owner Charles Wang and general manager Garth Snow, it was about a look-at-me moment out of the executive suite. It was about Sideshow Garth, who with a smirk on his face that belied his absolute lack of success in his eight seasons on the job, did a live interview on TSN that was carried on the NHL Network in the US in which he responded to prior criticism of Ho-Sang in the Canadian media by stating, “He’ll fit right in. They s–t on me, too.” Following which, in a media briefing with print reporters Friday night in Philadelphia, Snow embellished, twice more using the barnyard epithet. “They can’t s–t on me any more than they do, I think is what I said. I don’t care,” said the GM, who sounded like he cares much more than he should. “We get players that we feel can help us win a championship, and we don’t give a s–t what anyone else thinks — except our fans, of course.” Well, of course they care about the fans. That’s why the Islanders have been a floor team for the greater part of the hard-cap era. That’s why Wang hangs onto the franchise. Fans of downtrodden clubs want their management personnel to be feisty. Here, where the Islanders labor in obscurity — eclipsed historically by the team in Manhattan and for the last two decades by the one in New Jersey as well — an attitude is more than welcome.