During the events of Sunday's FanFest, Sean Davis and I had the great fortune of participating in the annual Blogfest with select members of the Athletics blogosphere. Situated deep in the underground labyrinth of the Oracle Arena, we engaged in an intimate question and answer session with Manager Bob Melvin, Assistant GM David Forst, and 3rd Base Coach Mike Gallego. Given approximately 15 minutes each per guest, the interviews were conducted in the vision of a mock press conference and we were all treated as true members of the media. Not just overzealous fans. The highlight of the experience from a personal standpoint, was interacting with Mr. Gallego and having my rather…tenacious two-part question answered in an entertaining and informative manner by the man himself. I'll get to that in a moment. First and foremost, there was a noticeable difference when it came turn for Gallego to grant us an audience. Speaking solely for myself, it was initially intimidating to glance just a few feet away and have both the manager and the assistant GM at your disposal for any question you may have. To their credit and professionalism, both Melvin and Forst answered each and every question with admirable detail and honestly as if they were in front of the BBWAA. When Mike Gallego entered the room, he immediately made a crack about the humid temperature and lack of air conditioning in the cramped quarters. Internally this put me at ease, and I settled in for a memorable 15 minute interval of pure baseball knowledge.