In public, it’s not often that Cole Beasley gets recognized for what he is. Beasley, generously listed at 5-foot-8, 180 pounds, doesn’t look the part of an NFL player. “I go under the radar,” Beasley said. “People don’t really think I’m a football player, because I’m so small. I blend in better than these big guys. “I get, ‘You’re awfully small, man’ a lot. I say, ‘Yeah, I’m not a very big guy.’ ” His size is the reason Beasley has been overlooked his entire career, from Little Elm High School to SMU to the Dallas Cowboys. Looks can be deceiving. “I’ve dealt with that since as long as I can remember,” Beasley said. “It’s something I’m used to. I like playing like that. It puts a little chip on my shoulder and gives me more confidence out there. I feel like they aren’t expecting it as much from me. I don’t feel that way in my head, but every day is just me proving somebody else wrong.” With more playing time this season, Beasley should be more recognized for what he does. The Cowboys, who released Miles Austin in the off-season, expect Beasley to play a key role as their third receiver.