After another game in which he failed to guide his offense inside the red zone, failed to lead a touchdown drive for the second time in 11 starts and failed to deliver on his past reputation as a fourth-quarter hero, Russell Wilson finally admitted what has been clear for weeks, if not months.

This nightmare of a 2022 season with the Broncos has been more miserable than any he’s ever experienced in football.

“It’s a new feeling, one I don’t like,” Wilson said after Sunday’s 10-9, fall-from-ahead loss to the Ravens and backup quarterback Tyler Huntley. “It’s one I don’t want to experience ever again, and one where we have to figure out how to not experience this as a collective group.”

If this season was capable of producing a rock bottom, this would have been it. The Broncos have certainly played worse football this season. One week ago in Carolina comes to mind as just one example. But rarely, even in this train wreck of a campaign that will take its place among the franchise’s biggest embarrassments, have all aspects of the operation combined to give a game away in the final, critical moments like they did Sunday.

Confounding play-calling. Passing misfires. A 91-yard Baltimore drive. Another long field goal miss from Denver’s veteran kicker. It was failure turducken, and it perfectly encapsulated the late-game misery this season has produced. The Broncos have lost four straight games, their second such string of defeats in 2022. Sunday marked the fifth time Denver has lost while holding a halftime lead.

It was a microcosm of how a franchise with a storied past has learned to lose like few others in the league.

“The biggest thing that hurts is knowing it’s not an effort issue,” said Justin Simmons, who had two interceptions and forced a fumble but still had to field questions about Denver’s eighth loss in its last nine games — all but two by seven points or fewer. “Guys were out there battling on both sides and on special teams, battling all day. But we just fall short. In order to win in this league, you’re going to have games like this week in and week out. The best ones find ways to close out those games. That’s what it came down to.”

The Broncos hope they can depend on better health in 2023. The injury toll can’t climb much higher than it has this season, not with the Broncos leading the league in players and cap dollars relegated to the injured-reserve list. And next year’s coaching staff, whether it is led by Nathaniel Hackett or a fourth new hire since 2017, will spend the offseason building a different plan around Wilson. It will likely be one that bears more resemblance to the big-personnel attack Denver deployed Sunday, one that leans on the running game, picks spots with play-action and generally targets efficiency over splash. It is fair to believe the Broncos will target offensive line upgrades to better protect a 34-year-old quarterback on pace to be sacked more than ever before.