There is one cardinal rule when playing a basketball game with LeBron James. Never, under any circumstance, take your eyes off of him when he has the ball in his hands. Glance away for a second, and you could wind up on a highlight reel of bloopers with a bloody nose or busted lip — the result of a lightning-quick pass. James is a fantastic scorer, and his shooting numbers have never been higher than now, but at his heart, James is a passer. Near the top of the list of his many gifts, and probably the one for which he takes the most pride, is an ability to routinely turn a no-look pass from the top of the key into an easy layup for his teammates. “It’s called being 6-8, and then it’s called being an unbelievable passer — just a high IQ of the game,” teammate Dwyane Wade said. In the first period of Sunday’s win over Cleveland, James whipped four no-look passes into the paint to teammates. Two went for layups and two resulted in free-throw attempts. James finished the game with eight assists to go along with 28 points and three rebounds. James is tied for 10th in the NBA in assists per game (7.1), but No. 1 among players who are not guards.